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Academician Ludvig Faddeev passed away at 82


Academician Ludwig Faddeevin passed away on 26 February 2017 at St. Petersburg, Russia.

Ludvig Dmitrievich Faddeev (born 23 March 1934) was a Russian theoretical physicist and mathematician. He is known for the discovery of the Faddeev equations in the theory of the quantum mechanical three-body problem and for the development of path integral methods in the quantization of non-abelian gauge field theories, including the introduction (with Victor Popov) of Faddeev–Popov ghosts.
Faddeev has been a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences since 1976, and was a member of a number of foreign academies, including the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, the U. S. National Academy of Sciences, the French Academy of Sciences, and the Royal Society.

He received numerous honors including, Dannie Heineman Prize (1975), Dirac Prize (1990), Max Planck Medal (1996), Demidov Prize (2002 - "For outstanding contribution to the development of mathematics, quantum mechanics, string theory and solitons") and the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1995, 2004). 

He is a former president of the International Mathematical Union (1986–1990). He was awarded the Henri Poincaré Prize in 2006 and the Shaw Prize in mathematical sciences in 2008. Also the Karpinsky International Prize and the Max Planck Medal (German Physical Society). He also received the Lomonosov Gold Medal for 2013.

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