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The All-Russian Mathematics Olympiad took place from April 24 to 29 in Kaliningrad, Russia. The Bulgarian team once again performed excellently and returned with one gold and four bronze medals, and with a honorary diploma..
The excellent preparation of our competitors is due to their team leaders, Dr. Dragomir Dragnev from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics - BAS, and and Emil Karlov from Sofia Mathematical School.

Here are the names of our winners:

10th grade:
Ivan-Aexander Mavrov (Sofia Mathematic School) – golden medal;
Borislav Antov (Sofia Mathematical School) - bronze medal;
Kristiyan Vasilev (First Private Mathematical School) - bronze medal.
9th grade:
Peter Langov (Sofia Mathematic School) – bronze medal;
Evgeni Kayryakov (Sofia Mathematic School) – bronze medal;
Dobrin Barakov (Pleven Mathematical School) – honorary diploma.

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