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At the ceremony held on December 9 this year, the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics awarded Professor Asen Donchev with a Medal with ribbon for his significant contribution to the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics and to modern science.

Prof. Donchev is a prominent specialist and an internationally recognized scientist in the field of sensitivity analysis of optimization problems, approximation of optimal control problems, the implicit function theorem for variational inequalities and generalized equations, and many others.

The award was presented by academician Veselin Drensky in the presence of prof. Julian Revalsky, Director of IMI, Acad. Peter Kenderov, Acad. Blagovest Sendov, prof. Elisaveta Pancheva Professor. Nely Dimitrova, scientific secretary of IMI, prof. Evgenia Stoimenova, Professor. Denka Kutsarova, prof. Tsvetomir Tsachev, prof. Svetoslav Markov, prof. Ognyan Kunchev, prof. Mihail Konstantinov, prof. Edward Saff from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA, a foreign member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, assoc. prof. Krassimira Ivanova, assoc. prof. Ivaylo Kortezov, colleagues and friends.

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