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Deserved success of our representatives in RSI!


Our boys made a worthy performance of their talents and ideas, as well as of Bulgaria.

Research Science Institute - RSI, is an annual event of the Center for Excellence in Training in Virginia, USA. It lasts six weeks and involves about 75 high school students from the U.S. and various countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. This year, 83 students from 18 countries participated in RSI.

Traditionally, our representatives in RSI show high class of their ideas and achievements and this year is no exception. Here are the official results:

1) Hristo Stoyanov, with a project on informatics ranked among The Representative Top Five works and is the only informatics work in it.

2) Peter Gaydarov with a project on mathematics ranked into the category of so-called “Encore Presentations” (total of 10) that are represented to the entire community and RSI panel of invited experts in various fields. Although it was not among the five selected works, it was a great success and Peter was the only one whose mother tongue is not English.

Thanks to all for the enormous academic and financial support they provide to the High School Student Institute of Mathematics and Informatics and to the Bulgarian participants in RSI!

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