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Award in mathematics "Rose and Irving Saff" was founded by prof. Edward Saff from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA, who is a foreign member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in memory of his parents.

It is awarded each year to a student in mathematics for high achievements and excellence in mathematics.

Martin Rachev demonstrates excellent progress, in-depth knowledge and skills in his speciality "Applied mathematics" at the Technical University in Sofia.

Even as a school pupil he became interested in mathematics and it became his passion. Serious achievements began at an early age, still in fourth grade he participated in national math competitions.
From fifth grade Martin Rachev achieved the maximum score in the Mathematics School "Geo Milev" - Pleven; this score has not made by another student of this school, which has a tradition in the discovery and preparation of many talents in mathematics.

After completing his school education Martin Rachev was accepted into a number of Bulgarian universities - without an entrance examination, as well as in some prestigious foreign universities and colleges, but he choose the Technical University - Sofia. Martin Rachev received more than 50 awards and medals at national and international competitions in mathematics.

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