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This year's International Linguistics Olympiad, held between June, 31st and August. 4th in Dublin, Ireland, welcomed 160 participants from 27 countries around the globe. Bulgaria was represented by two teams of four students each.

Our country scored its best performance yet, winning 3 gold medals, 1 silver, 3 bronze and a Hononourable Mention. All of the Bulgarian students returned with awards from the prestigious event. So far, our participants have brought home a total of 57 medals – 15 gold, 17 silver and 25 bronze.

Assoc. Prof. PhD Ivan Derzhanski and Lyubomir Zlatkov from the “Mathematical Linguistics” department of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics contributed to the preparation and the training of the Bulgarian teams.


And, of course, the contestants:

Team 1:

Valentin Dimov, 12th grade, 91 NEG, Sofia – Gold

Zdravko Ivanov, 10th grade, SMG, Sofia – Gold

Assel Ismoldayeva, 11th grade, MG, Varna – Silver

Tina Vladimirova, 12th grade, SMG, Sofia – Bronze

Team 2:

Elena Keskinova, 9th grade, SMG, Sofia – Gold

Martin Nikolov, 10th grade, PChMG, Sofia – Bronze

Emil Indzhev, 11th grade, PMG, Ruse – Bronze

Viktor Baltin, 9th grade, PPMG, Burgas – Hononourable Mention

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