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The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics is an independent permanent research unit in BAS and carries out its activities in accordance with the Act of BAS, the BAS Charter and the institute's interior rules of procedure, within the current legislation. The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics is a multidisciplinary academic institution with the primary task of raising the level of all activities in the country associated with the development, implementation and reproduction of mathematics and informatics.

The IMI’s research staff are divided into 10 separate departments, one temporary research unit, and five divisions. Work is carried out on 75 themes, grouped into:

  • 16 projects funded by the BAS’s budget;
  • 19 projects sponsored by the National Research Fund;
  • 40 projects within international programmes.

The Institute operates 16 permanent research seminars. Four scientific and methodological journals are published by the IMI or with its cooperation.

A rich library is maintained, one among the best for mathematical sciences in Southeast Europe according to the opinion of the Institute’s many foreign visitors.

Thanks to the high professionalism of its staff, the IMI is integrated into the global scientific community and enjoys well-deserved repute. Each year the Institute welcomes over 200 renowned foreign scholars, organises more than 15 scientific conferences, seminars and schools.