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The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (BAS) has a long-term strategic vision for an innovative approach to the system of education in mathematics and informatics at all levels. The high scientific potential of the Institute's academic staff is a prerequisite for top-quality competitive education and training of very competent specialists.

The Institute has cooperation agreements with almost all universities in the country for participation in their educational programmes in mathematics and informatics, as well as joint supervision of postgraduates and joint training of MSc and PhD students.

Such joint postgraduate programmes are: Project Management in Information Technology, Applied Statistics, and Financial and Accounting Management and Insurance with the New Bulgarian University, Digitisation and Digital Libraries with the State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (SULSIT). Short-term and postdoctoral fellowships are implemented at IMI within these agreements.

In 2012 IMI and the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at Sofia University signed a cooperation agreement for student internship programmes in mathematics and informatics; a total of 11 students were trained during a 120-hour (3 weeks) summer internship programme under the leadership of scientists from IMI. Due to the interest towards the internship programmes at IMI by students of the Technical University of Sofia (TUS), in 2013 students from this university also were trained within a bilateral cooperation agreement signed between IMI and TUS.