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Institute of Mathematics and Informatics:

The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) is BAS's only institute in the area of mathematics and one of the country's leaders in the domains of informatics and computer science.

The Institute's mission is the development of mathematics and informatics through research and the application of mathematics and informatics in the national education programmes and processes at all levels.

The IMI’s research staff are divided into 9 separate departments and one temporary research team. Work is carried out on research themes, grouped into:

  • Interinstitutional projects funded by BAS's budget;
  • Projects sponsored by the National Science Fund;
  • Projects within European and international programmes;
  • Innovation and technology  transfer projects.

The Institute operates 19 permanent research seminars. Four scientific journals are published by the IMI or with its cooperation.

A rich library is maintained, one among the best for mathematical sciences in Southeast Europe according to the opinion of the Institute’s many foreign visitors.

Thanks to the high professionalism of its staff, the IMI is integrated into the global scientific community and enjoys well-deserved repute. Each year the Institute welcomes over 200 renowned foreign scholars, organises more than 15 scientific conferences, seminars and schools.

Brief history:

The Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (IMI) at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) was created shortly after the end of WWII by the effort and high professionalism of a generation of Bulgarian mathematicians whom we now thankfully style the pivots of Bulgarian mathematics.

The date 27 October 1947 is rightly considered the birth date of the IMI. On this day the Executive Council (EC) of the BAS confirmed the plan of the scientific activity in 1947/1948. The section devoted to the mathematical sciences included the work of three commissions:

  • Commission for demographic studies (Acad. K Popov),
  • Commission for mathematical studies of the representative method in statistics (Acad. N Obrechkoff),
  • Commission for financial mathematical research of state bonds and external bonds guaranteed by the state (Acad. K Popov).

This was the beginning of the implementation of the idea, discussed by the EC of the BAS already in 1945 (Protocol #14/01.08.1945), to create a branch for Natural Science and Mathematics within the Academy and develop research institutes for individual areas of science, including an institute for mathematics.

Fully in line with the dynamics of the time and the development of research in mathematical sciences, the organisation changed its name several times. In 1949 the Mathematical Institute (MI) was established at the Physical and Mathematical branch of the Academy and Acad. L Tchakalov was appointed as its head (Dnevnik 490/24.03.1949). The MI was renamed Mathematical Institute with Computing Centre (MI with CC) in 1961, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics with Computing Centre (IMM with CC) in 1972, and Institute of Mathematics (IM) in 1994. The current name, Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, goes back to 1995.

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