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The Scientific Council of IMI, at its meeting held on February 24, 2017, elected its new Chairman, as well as the deputy directors and scientific secretary of the Institute for the next term of government. Academician Vesselin Drensky, the newly appointed director of IMI, took office and proposed to the Scientific Council his nominations for Deputy Directors and Scientific Secretary of the Institute, which were voted on and selected today.

Professor Peter Boyvalenkov remains at his current position as Deputy Director and he will be responsible for the Research Policy in the Fields of Mathematical Structures, Informatics and Education, and Work with Young Talents.

Professor Neli Dimitrova will be the Deputy Director on Research Policy in the Field of Mathematical Modelling and National, European and International Projects and Programmes. Her previous position of Scientific Secretary of IMI will be held by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Velichka Milousheva.

The Scientific Council of the Institute elected as its Chairman the Corr. Member Oleg Muskarov who was until now a Deputy Director and has been a head of the Analysis, Geometry and Topology Department since 2004.




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