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Awarding of the winners in the first round of CodeIT


On 28 January this year the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences hosted the award ceremony of the winners in the first round of the popular programming contest CodeIT- "Marathon". IMI is the patron of this round and traditionally awarding with certificates and prizes takes place in the Conference Hall of the Institute. Once again the first prize went to Vladislav Haralampiev. Second and third respectively were Ivan Ganev and Dobrik Georgiev.
CodeIT is a programming contest organized for 15 years by Musala Soft - a leading Bulgarian company in the field of software engineering services specializing in outsourcing, construction of software solutions and IT consulting.
The event was attended by Stefka Ognyanova - representative of Musala Soft, Alexey Hristov, president of the American Foundation for Bulgaria, Acad. Kenderov, chairman of the Union of Bulgarian Mathematicians, acad. Julian Revalski, director of IMI, prof. Peter Boyvalenkov, Deputy Director of IMI, colleagues and friends.

CodeIT is one of the oldest programming contests and most prestigious private national competition in informatics in the country. The competition is held every year in 6 absentia and a final round in partnership with companies, NGOs, IT associations and leading educational institutions in Bulgaria. The big finale reached 10 best players for each season. The final round and award ceremony of the participants in the competition is held under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. This year's final round will take place in June.
For more information you can visit the website of the competition at

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