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EUCYS is a European competition for young scientists, organized for the first time in 1989 and is one of the most famous competitions in the world, along with the Intel ISEF.

Bulgaria participates in it for the 16th consecutive year, and participation is organized by the Ministry of Education. Each EU country can send up to three projects in different disciplines. In three days these projects are judged by a jury of 15-20 eminent specialists from the full spectrum of scientific disciplines that cover the contest.

This year our participants received four awards for the three projects presented, which is unprecedented not only in the history of Bulgarian participation in EUCYS'2014, but it is rare for the competition as a whole. Here are the results:

  • Second Prize - Peter Gaydarov, 12th grade, from Plovdiv, Hamming distance of polynomials over GF (2)
  • Honorary Award of the Stockholm Youth Science Seminar - Peter Gaydarov, 12th grade, from Plovdiv, Hamming distance of polynomials over GF (2)
  • Award EUROfusion - Grigori Matein, 12th grade, from Sofia, Analyzing the Sound Produced by Heated Water Solutions with Different Concentrations
  • Award of the Intel ISEF - Vasil Vasilev and Marin Shalamanov, 12 grade, from Sofia, Genetic Algorithms for Foreign Exchange Trading

Peter and Marin, and Vasil are graduates of the High School Students Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, and for several years we have enjoyed their achievements and recognition at home and around the world (this year Petar Gaydarov entered into the top 10 for best presentation at the Research Science Institute (RSI) in MIT, Marin and Vasil several years are among our best players on the national level and in the Olympics).

Here is what said Konstantin Delchev, the head of the Bulgarian delegation, in his publication on the VivaCognita Forum:

„Bulgaria is participating for the 15th time in the most prestigious science competition for students in Europe and never until now we have not had two award-winning projects from one edition, let alone all three, one with two awards. Very few times in the entire 26-year history of the competition that has happened to anyone. Now this has happened in a magnificent way that suggests that efforts for the youngest scientists in Bulgaria are in the right direction and give categorical results!”

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