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At the 2014 International Mathematical Olympiad the Bulgarian team won three silver medals, one bronze medal and two honorable mentions. Victor Radivchev (12th grade, Varna Mathematical High School), Lyuben Lichev (11th grade, Pleven Mathematical High School) and Nguyen Chi Zung (12th grade, Sofia Mathematical High School) won silver medals, Pavlena Nenova (12th grade, Sofia Mathematical High School) won a bronze medal, and Stanislav Chobanov (12th grade, Varna Mathematical High School) and Denitsa Markaova (10th grade, Sofia Mathematical High School) got honorable mention. Victor was only one point short for the golden medal.

The 55th International Mathematical Olympiad took place from July 3 - 13, 2014, at Cape Town, South Africa. Our team was lead by Prof. Peter Boyvalenkov from the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics, BAS, Senior Assist. Prof. Stoyan Boev (New Bulgarian University), and Assoc. Prof. Emil Kolev (IMI-BAS).


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