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Today is World Statistics Day


On October 20, 2015 we celebrate the World Statistics Day, which reminds and stresses the increased importance of statistics with its so many applications that have become the basis of many different scientific fields and everyday important conclusions related to management prediction and decisions making.

After the year 2000 was declared by the UN and UNESCO as International Year of Mathematics, following years was devoted to other branches of science that have contribution to the evolution of human civilization. World Statistics Day was officially celebrated on October 20, 2010. Of course, one day is far from enough for statistics to be considered comprehensively and to be given proper attention to it as a part of mathematics, and the possibilities of its implementation in making the right decisions in various fields not only in science but also in everyday life.


So naturally 2013 was announced International Year of Statistics, during which was organized numerous and varied events for understanding the importance and role of statistics, its achievements and applications to promote interest on its in-depth study and more comprehensive use, further development associated with developing of the information society.

Bulgarian Statistical Society organizes the celebration of this special day at the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics at BAS

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