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The Scientific Council


The Scientific Council is the collective scientific management body of IMI, elected for a four-year term. Its members are holders of DSc degrees, associate and full professors, corresponding and full members of BAS and one young scientist with an academic degree. Their number is between 15 and 25. The Scientific Council elects its Chairman for its term in office. The meetings of the Scientific Council are public, unless otherwise prescribed by law.


The Scientific Council determines the policy of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics. It approves the plans and reports on the fulfilment of the IMI's research and educational activities; accepts completed planned and contracted research; approves the IMI's budget on a proposal from the Director; decides on the creation and closure of scientific structural units within IMI; approves the Director's proposals of Deputy Directors and Scientific Secretary; elects the heads of the IMI structural units; announces vacancies and conducts elections for academic positions and proposes the dismissal of persons holding academic positions; initiates and terminates doctoral students' terms of study; decides on the disposition of property owned by IMI; chooses the editorial boards of IMI's periodicals.



Chairman of the IMI Scientific Council


Corr. Member Oleg Muskarov, DSc
'Phone: (+359-2) 979-38-00



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